As we begin the month of March, the Swift Current Fire Department are asking residents to take note of a few safety issues at this time of the year. 

Fire Chief Ryan Hunter reminds locals to avoid the area surrounding Swift Current Creek as it's that time in the season when temperatures freeze at night and thaw during the day and this in turn makes the ice weak. 

In addition, Chief Hunter advises those out walking their dogs that often let them run free to make use of the dog park rather than going down by the creek. He says in the past they have had dogs run out on to the creek break through and then have had to go rescue them.

With the possibility of warmer temperatures Chief Hunter advises motorists to watch the roadways. 

"Kids get their bikes out and some of the sidewalks are not clear yet so they are pretty icy, and the kids end up riding on one of the lanes on the roadway because our roads are dry down to the pavement."

Both bike riders and motorists should be mindful on the roadways. 

In addition, Chief Hunter says motorists shouldn't expect predictable weather conditions. 

"Because we are in the month where it can snow one day and be plus eight the next, don't be too quick to get those snow tires off your vehicle. We can still have a beautiful weekend or week and then a big snow fall so keep snow tires on till at least the end of the month."