Sask Wheat is holding a series of producer meetings this week making stops in Estevan, Lumsden and Kindersley.

The Think Wheat event Tuesday in Estevan was sold out.

One of the keynote speakers was Marlene Boersch from Mercantile Consulting Venture.

She talked about her grain contracts report that she wrote for Sask Crops and APAS.

Her research found that the grain contracts were heavily tilted in favour of grain buyers.

"Well, the problem is that even if farmers do due diligence and read all the terms. Oftentimes they cannot get clarification on inquiries about terms from the elevator agents. If they want to change or amend some of the terms the general reply by the grain companies is that contract stands as it is. Head office clears them the way they are and they cannot be changed. So that's a little bit frustrating."

She says it's an issue that needs to be discussed and tackled, adding that one approach would be to come up with a simplified version that is vetted by both sides.

Presentations also focused on soil fertility and nutrient stewardship, key research projects, pest management and the Sask Wheat On-Farm Trials.

Carmen Prang is the Agronomy Specialist with Sask Wheat and says this year's producer trials looked at seeding rates.

The trials focused on low, medium and high seeding rates of 20, 25 and 30 plants per square foot.

She noted they only had one statistically significant result. 

"That was using way data at one of our sites and it showed that the lower seeding rate did better than the higher seeding rate. But obviously, that's dependent on many things like moisture conditions and things like that. So, if we were to do this trial again in a different year, under different conditions, you probably would see different results."

Prang notes they are always looking at research trials that will benefit producers.

She says if farmers are interested in taking part in an on-farm trial or have an idea for a research trial they can reach out to her through the Sask Wheat website.

The Sask Wheat "Think Wheat" meetings wrap up with the meeting Thursday (January 26) from 9 am to 2 pm at the Kindersley Inn.