The Southwest Facility Foundation has received its first donation from a family.

Earlier this week the non-profit organization announced Travis and Shauna Cuthbert have come forward with a $100,000 commitment. 

The donation for the Cuthberts was an important one with both of them having grown up in Swift Current and having used the same facilities their children now do.

"Somebody before me built those and put their time and energy into those facilities," he said. "It's been something that me and my family have been very engaged in over the course of the last year of putting this foundation together. [We] wanted to make a little bit of a splash and encourage others to see what they can do to follow suit." 

Travis, one of the foundation's founders and board members, believes a new recreational facility is past due in Swift Current and that thought only intensifies when he travels with his kids for sporting events.

"We've gone to many of these facilities around Saskatchewan and we're always amazed at how many people there, the crowds that are drawn, the kids that are playing volleyball, basketball, and swimming and all the other things, and are jealous," he said. 

The foundation now has $306,500 committed to it within the last few weeks. Their goal is $8 million, and the funds will be used to help support the construction of a new sports, leisure, and recreation facility. 

They'll need help financially to construct their dream on top of the goal, however, the foundation's fundraising only strengthens their case Travis believes.

"It's impossible to say whether or not the government approves these facility builds based on that money has been raised but it definitely helps," he said. "It shows the government that the community that has taken the time to put the application together is prepared, not only that we want it but we're also prepared to raise some money."

Sasha Godenir, the chairperson of the foundation, told Swift Current Online two weeks ago that the southwest would be hearing from them a lot more moving forward in terms of donations and fundraising efforts.

"We are extremely excited to see these commitments continue to grow," she said in a press release.

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