This weekend might be the final call for summer-like temperatures in southwestern Saskatchewan. 

The mercury could reach the high 20s on both days with a chance of even 30 C on Sunday.

Terri Lang, meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), attributed the well-above-normal conditions to a ridge of upper high pressure moving into the region from western Canada.

"Pretty nice middle-of-September weather, especially for those farmers trying to get the rest of the crop off the field," she said. "It's warm and dry."

Sunday's high, projected at 30 C currently, surprisingly would be well short of a daytime record for September 17, which sits at 34.2 C for Swift Current. The models ECCC uses to predict temperatures don't anticipate it will come close to challenging the record either.

"We tend to look at ensemble models which are an accumulation of a bunch of different runs and then they give you what the average out of all those runs," she explained. "One model gives 31, one model gives 30, and one model gives 29. I'm calling 30."

Even Monday appears to be above the seasonal normal but a cold front will sweep across the southwest that night potentially bringing thundershowers or precipitation. 

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