The Spring Fling Disk Golf Tournament continued to grow yet again this year.

In its third iteration, the annual Swift Current Canadian Mental Health Association fundraiser saw over 40 people attend. These people were able to play in either the competitive format or in the more relaxed casual format.

For Todd Vallee, executive director for the CMHA, the continued growth of the event and the parallel growth of the sport, makes him excited for the future. 

"We saw an improvement when it came to numbers in year two over our initial year," said Vallee. "This is now year three, and we've grown on both the fun side and the competitive side of the tournament."

While the tournament was a pay-to-enter event, the turnout for the free clinic beforehand was just as popular, if not more so. This clinic showed off the sport to the beginners in attendance and allowed them to get to know the art of fisk golf from those with a pre-established skill set.

One lucky attendee was even able to leave with a prize.

"A young gentleman walked away with a brand new starter pack of discs for just taking part in the free clinic," said Vallee. "We've got a lot of prizing for folks. Our vocational program has prepared some subs for all the registered participants."

As a further incentive to get people involved, both the competitive and the casual side of the tournament were also full of prizes to be won. While winning a prize is a great motivator to take the game seriously, it also helps to give back to those who have supported the CMHA during each year of the Spring Fling Tournament. 

"Thank you to the sponsors," said Vallee. "I hope that people will start planning [to attend] next year. We don't have a date set just yet, but as this tournament continues to grow, I think it's safe to say that we'll probably be back here for the fourth year."

Players in the tournament were of all ages. The oldest of which was 70 years old, while the youngest was only four years old.  

If anyone wants to give disk golf a try on their own, there are rental disks available at the O'Rudy's Creek House.