The Swift Current Airport is once again set up with its Memorial Day Display. 

Featuring 17 crosses for the 17 individuals who lost their lives at the training facility during the war, it is open to the public for viewing. 

While the display itself was set up by Kelly Peterson, Todd Schultz, the superintendent for the Swift Current Airport, is very familiar with the story behind the display, and the history of the facility. 

"This display is something we've assembled in the past year to commemorate the airport's history," said Schultz. "We didn't put it together last year because of the weather, but we've had a nice fall this year, we are happy to put it up again for people to enjoy."

The Swift Current Airport was originally a WWII British Commonwealth Air Training Plan Facility. There, pilots trained on twin-engine aircraft, before they would eventually be moved up to become bomber pilots. 

The crosses on display are joined by a donated engine that would have been from one of two possible aircraft used by trainees. It is from either an Avro Anson or an Airspeed Oxford. Both of these planes would have been used at the airport. The engine includes the distinctive yellow markings of one of the training craft. 

This engine was donated to the display, being the property of an individual from the surrounding area. 

"Various aircraft were employed at these training bases around the countryside after the war," said Schultz. "This was following the Great Depression, so anything of value was salvaged and typically used on farms."

At the airport, people will be able to see an original WW2-era hangar, which is privately owned. There is the airframe of a training aircraft, as well as a concrete structure. 

"Which was called a 25-yard firing range," informed Schultz. "There's a few things remaining at the airport, and the interpretive panels that tell the rest of the story."

Folks can head over to the airport, and experience the history and witness the display today through to Rememberance Day. 


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