Folks are being asked if they can volunteer some time in Cabri. 

That's because the Town of Cabri is getting ready to tear out the old tennis court for a new Multi Sport Court. 

Leading the efforts on this project has been Cheyenne Bradford, the community development officer for the town of Cabri. 

"When it was brought to my attention of how poor shape it was in, I started brainstorming ideas of what we could do," said Bradford. "I wanted to turn it not just into a tennis court again because that's not something that's like completely useful for our community."

The reason they need volunteers is they want to tear down the fencing that surrounds the old run-down tennis court. Once that is out of the way, the real work can begin on the site. 

"We have the paving company coming within the next few weeks, and they can't access it unless that fencing is down," said Bradford. "That is the only part of volunteer work that is needed. We need skid steers, ladders, grinders, and overall labour." 

Over the years, the tennis court fell into a state of disarray and eventually into disrepair. Without much interest from the public in playing tennis, the lesson has been learned. 

With the Multi Sport Court, the space will appeal to a wider variety of folks, each interested in the different individual aspects of the court. The plan is to have it capable of hosting tennis, volleyball, pickleball, badminton, basketball, and hockey.

"We hope that come end of June, beginning of July, the court is open for anyone and everyone to use at all times," shared Bradford. "We will have some equipment available for sign-out at the town office, like basketballs and things like that." 

If folks are interested in helping, they can, of course, volunteer by calling Bradford at 306-741-8461. The Multi Sport Court is already fully funded, with the project ringing in an expected cost of $85-90,000.