This week will see a dip in the warm autumn weather, but it should recover swiftly.

The cold dip is due to a cold front passing through western Canada, but it should be brief. Cold temperatures are expected this time of year, but so far so good as the high temperatures stay for the Thanksgiving season.

The unusually beautiful weather for this time of year is owed to an upper ridge of pressure over western Canada, that is forcing the cold ridge to build over the eastern half of the country. 

Terri Lang, a meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, thinks that these temperature swings aren't unreasonable. 

"Especially in the southwest, that's been particularly dry, this is the time of year when we get the big swings in temperature," said Lang. "We're going to have that come at us with this cold front sweeping through."

While the temperatures may seem chilly tomorrow, it shouldn't be cause for concern. 

"We'll be back into the nice weather until sort of later next week," she said. "We'll see another weather system moves through. This one looks a little bit more intense."

If the weather cools off and the southwest gets some fall rain, it could help to cool things off to more seasonal temperature norms.