Ben Wiebe (Photo:

The Western Hockey League announced yesterday that long time member of the Swift Current Broncos Board of Directors, Ben Wiebe has been selected as the recipient of the 2011-2012 WHL Governors Award.

Wiebe had served as Governor for the team for 17 straight years before relinquishing his duties earlier this season. He still continues to serve on the Broncos board.

He's proud of what he was able to accomplish in his time as Governor.

“I think when I went there the environment kind of was that community teams were sort of like second class citizens. I think that was because there was a revolving door of governors and you know bringing inconsistant messages. I think just because I've been there that long and I've delivered the same message that I think we've been able to overcome that.”

Wiebe reflected on some of the more memorable moments.

“I was there for the excitement when we got the team back. A few years later with the tragedy we had with the bus crash. Elation with the Memorial Cup and then future years with some revelations of some issues with players an so it really has been a rollercoaster ride.

The award recognizes individuals who contribute to the growth and development of the WHL.

League commisioner Ron Robison will be at the Broncos home game against Moose Jaw on Monday afternoon to honour Wiebe.