Puddles of puppies have been flooding into the Swift Current SPCA over the past few weeks.  

The local animal shelter has welcomed 28 new dogs into the world recently and is caring for them between foster homes and in-shelter. 

Shelter Manager, Amy Dixon, said the puppies range from two weeks to 14 weeks old.  

“Usually, we would do the application process once they get back [to shelter],” she said. “But given that they're all so close in age range, that means that they're all going to be sort of coming back to the facility around the same time. And we just don't have the capacity to hold them.” 

With applications open this early on, the hope is to eliminate the shelter as a middleman with homes waiting. 

Three of the four new mothers—Yam, Venus, and Fran—are husky-mixes, and their babies are estimated to be medium-sized when fully grown. Momma Morgan is a mystery mix on the smaller side, so her nine puppies could potentially be small to medium.  

Amigo is the oldest, at a whopping three months old. As a great Pyrenees mix, he would make a great farm companion. 

“If anybody is thinking about donations and not adoptions, we are in the market for puppy food,” Dixon laughed. “Puppy kibble would be super appreciated right now, as the moms do eat the puppy kibble while they're nursing or the higher caloric intake.”

Check out the gallery of all the puppies below and contact the SPCA to start the adoption process for a new family member.