Saskatchewan residents including road travel in their holiday plans are reminded to include the Highway Hotline in their plans. 

The provincial road information system is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the maps and information are updated at least three times per day or as conditions require. 

The hotline provides information on highway conditions, road closures, construction zones, ferries, and border crossings. 

A governmental press release that was recently sent out also reminds travelers of the 47 cameras located across the province including new ones in Sask Landing, Round Lake, and Highway 1 at Tower Road Interchange in Regina to name a few. 

The press release also states that travelers depend on the hotline with more than six million visits annually and 13 million visits last year alone. 

There is also a free Highway Hotline app that can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets and hotline updates can also be found here

Information and recordings for road information can also be accessed by dialing 511