The southern half of Saskatchewan got the full menu for precipitation today. 

With temperatures hovering around freezing all across the low end of the Candian prairies, southern communities got hit with a mix of rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, hail, fog, mist, and everything in between.

Here in the southwest of Saskatchewan, plenty of towns saw their November annual precipitation metrics skewed heavily by the bout of moisture. Swift Current got 11.2 millimetres of rain, while Maple Creek got 2.1, Eastend got 3.9, Cypress Hills 3.7, and Val Marie 11.9.

Terry Lang, meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, confirmed it wasn't any record-breaking amounts, but it did completely through off the 30-year average for November. 

"[The yearly] average 30 years for rainfall amounts in November for Swift Current is 1.5 millimetres," said Lang. "So you're already well above the average rainfall for November. Of course, most of the precipitation falls as snow."

The weather system, bringing up warm air from the United States, is set to continue tomorrow. Part of the system is coming up from the mountains, pressing into the prairies. Folks can expect another helping of precipitation, be that rain or snow, overnight and into tomorrow. 

"My advice is to check the Highway Hotline before heading out today and tomorrow," said Lang. "Just because it is such a dog breakfast out there with respect to the precipitation. Those highways are so prone to icing up with the temperatures so close to freezing."

Depending on how cool the roads get tonight, folks can expect some ice or a lot of it come morning. Travellers can check the Highway Hotline for closures, delays, and any incidents on the road. Utilizing this tool, everyone can plot a course to their destinations while avoiding any major slowdowns along the way. 


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