The Eastend School's hundred-year lease is due for renewal, additionally, the school is situated on an area of land that was originally mapped out to be a street.

Yesterday, local trustees of the Chinook Board of Education met at the headquarters in Swift Current where the school in Eastend was mentioned.

The Town of Eastend alongside the Department of Highways is working with the school division to have the school grounds declared as 'not a street'.

Sharie Sloman, chief financial officer for the Chinook Board of Education, is pleased to see the support from southwest community members.

"We've been in negotiations with the Town of Eastend to renew that lease," Sloman noted. "It's going to be a 40-year lease.

"It's gone through the Town of Eastend and it's just basically on our side to sign off now," said Sloman. "So we just want to make the motion to pass it and sign off on the agreement. "

Further details are being ironed out.