Perfectly mirrored chrome was not hard to find in downtown Swift Current last weekend with over 120 unique vehicles lining the streets in style. The 12th annual Cruisin' the Market show and shine was held near market square, and drew in a flurry of foot traffic. The car show was free to register and participate, however food bank donations were encouraged and gratefully accepted. 

Bill Mailman, lieutenant for the salvation army and regular car show attendee, says that it means a lot to see the food bank donations come in.

"We really appreciate this opportunity to come out and see all these great cars, and receive some donations that help the people of Swift Current."

A total of 23 categories to be judged gave the car enthusiasts some friendly competition, and awards were given to the winner of each.

Volunteer Trudy Holland spoke on the history of the ever growing event.

"12 years ago it was an idea of a woman that worked for the city of Swift Current and organized the Market Square, so it was upon her heart. It just grew from there. To begin with, it was quite small, but in the last few years we've seen quite a large growth."

She went on to state that even more growth is very likely in years to come.

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