Swift Current is currently basking in a very active snowfall event. 

So far, up to 10 centimetres of snow has accumulated on the ground around Swift Current. 

The measurements that Environment and Climate Change Canada is using right now are a little off compared to normal, but they are confident in one thing: there is a lot of snow in the area. 

Natalie Hasell, a warning and preparedness meteorologist for ECCC, is trying to get a good read on the developing situation. 

"Looking at our own data for Swift current, we see a change in the snow on ground of about 9 centimetres," said Hasell. "Not that we normally use snow on ground, but I don't really have very much else to use."

While the snow today has wreaked havoc on the Highways, it is also far from over.

The next few days in Swift Current are expected to receive even more precipitation, be that snow or freezing rain. 

Today, Swift Current can expect an additional 2-4 centimetres of snow to arrive. 

"We have fog again starting tonight into tomorrow," said Hasell. "Should be done by mid-morning or so, though there are a few low-lying areas that might last a little bit longer."

Folks looking to travel today and tomorrow will want to check the Highway Hotline to check road conditions, avoid road closures, and plan alternative routes.