Over the weekend southwest car enthusiasts, hobby mechanics, and racing fans headed to the Kinetic Exhibition Park in Swift Current for a series of stock races that take place once a year. 

The Alberta Extreme Sprint Cars helped draw in over 100 spectators between the two-day races, despite the rain on Saturday. 

Broden Berg, racecar driver, races number 37 in hobby stock and was excited to welcome the Sprint Cars back to Swift Current’s track. 

“Today is a special big event for us, we’ve got the Sprint Cars and the modifieds racing today,” he said. “[The sprints are] only here once a year, the mods are here three times a year.” 

The races ran on Friday and Saturday evening beginning at 8:00 p.m., following an open pit for community members to come check out the cars and talk to the drivers. 

Along with the Sprint Cars, the hobbies, streets, minis, and even the modifieds hit the track too. 

“We’re going to have five classes of cars today,” said Berg. “It’s a pretty big weekend for us.” 

The winners from the races on Friday were Jonathan Nelson in minis, Rob Gale Jr. In hobbies, Jason Hankewicz for streets, Coty Smith in modifieds, and Paxton Fleming with the sprints. 

On Saturday, Mitchell Cook won in minis, Rob Gale Jr. won in hobbies again, Murray Koethler in streets, Coty Smith won in modifieds again, and Brody Anderson was the final winner with the Sprint Cars.  

The next stock race in Swift Current is set for July 19 as part of the Prairie Dirt Racing Association’s tour.