In the August 24 COVID-19 update from The Saskatchewan Health Authority they are reporting a total of three new cases in the province.

All of 3 new cases are located in the North West zone.

One case deemed to be an out of province resident has been removed from the Saskatchewan count.

That brings the provincial total number of cases to 1,602, of which 98 are considered active.

Investigations completed thus far have found that 60 of the 98 active cases are in communal living settings.

There are 31 active cases in the South West zone.

The SHA is reporting 10 more recoveries today, bringing that provincial total to 1,482.

Five people are in hospital. One person is receiving inpatient care in Saskatoon, and four people are in intensive care-all in Saskatoon.

There have been 22 deaths in the province related to COVID-19.

To date, 131,944 COVID-19 tests have been performed in Saskatchewan and yesterday, there were 1,031 COVID-19  tests done.