Today is the first day of Summer, which means getting ready for summer road trips for many families. 

CAA Saskatchewan is celebrating the start of the vacation season by giving people a heads-up on travel safety. 

Tips from CAA encourage people to be travel-conscious with their personal vehicles, getting ahead of potential problems. 

The first thing CCA advises is to get vehicles inspected. This can identify issues before they happen, and give you peace of mind as the unknown becomes the well-known. 

After that, folks can be proactive by checking the air pressure and condition of tires, ensuring the brake fluid is topped up, and checking other liquids like coolant, oil, transmission fluid, and washer fluid. 

Being ready for a breakdown is also important. In the event a traveller becomes stranded, having roadside assistance quit can be a real game changer. It should include things like a flashlight, batteries, first aid items, a tire pressure gauge, pliers, an adjustable wrench, blankets, and some non-perishable snacks and bottled water. 

They also recommend an old mobile phone, and at least a phone charger for your normal phone. 

For travellers looking to occupy their minds on long trips, CAA encourages them to do so by focusing on the road. Things like eating, drinking water, or having long conversations can be distracting if not done carefully. Texting or doing other activities on a cell phone comes with a hefty penalty. The first offence alone is a $580 ticket with four demerit points. 

The GPS and other navigational assistance should be set before anyone gets rolling down the highway. Children should be prepared with everything they need before departure, as leaning around the back could distract the driver, or lead to other complications. 

Anyone planning to be gone for more than a day should share their destination and travel route with friends or family. 

Lastly, they ask people to remember to slow down to 60 kilometres per hour when passing tow trucks and other emergency responders. 

If anyone wants to learn more, they can head over to the CCA website to learn more.