Swift Current Mayor Al Bridal confirms that if Taylor Swift does come to Saskatchewan, he will honour the name change for the City of Swift Current.

Bridal confirmed with Swift Current Online, that should the world's most popular superstar decide to travel to Swift Current or somewhere else in the province, the City would make good on the promise to change names for the duration of her stay.

"It will be honoured," said Bridal. "And if she comes, you know what? I'll even have to buy a ticket or two to go see her because I don't even know who this woman is."

Bridal proceeded to admit that when the idea was first brought up to him, he waved it off. He does not listen to Taylor Swift, being a more country-orientated music listener.  

"We got a call and then a couple emails asking if I would be willing to rename Swift Current to Taylor-Swift Current to try to get Taylor Swift to come to Regina or Saskatoon," said Bridal. "And I said absolutely not."

It wasn't until he was approached by Swift Current MLA Everett Hindley that Bridal began to come around to the idea. Hindley approached Bridal with the intention to stir something up for the province, hopefully attracting the kind of attention usually reserved for larger population centres.

"He said, would you mind if Councillor Ryan Switzer helped me, and I said, feel free," said Bridal. "I said if you were talking Keith Urban or somebody like that I actually liked, I might be willing, but Taylor Swift? I don't even know her songs."

Since then, both Hindley and Switzer have made appearances across social media and traditional outlets. Taylor Swift fans, or 'Swifties', have taken the idea by storm, promoting it not only in Saskatchewan but all over the world.

"Good for them," congratulated Bridal. "If Taylor Swift comes to Regina or Saskatoon because of their work, I will congratulate them, but that's not the kind of work that Mayor Al Bridal does. It's not me."

Bridal was shocked to learn about the cost of a Taylor Swift concert ticket, and about the effects she has on local economies. Her latest set of concerts, the Eras Tour, has already generated over $5 billion dollars. When she arrives in smaller nations, her performances make a noticeable uptick in the nation's GDP.

Her front-row ticket prices have hit highs of over $60,000.

"And poor old Mayor Al Bridal doesn't even know who she is," Bridal chastised himself.

Bridal expects that if she were to come, and the City were to go through with renaming itself, they would have to take a few steps. First, deciding on the actual name, be that Taylor Swift Current or Swiftie Current would have to be decided upon. Next, he expects a bylaw or two would need to be passed to make the temporary renaming possible.

"If that happens, it's a fun thing," said Bridal. "It's not serious. I wouldn't quash it, because it's just a little fun."