The Trans-Canada Highway around Waldeck will undergo some slight construction improvements in the next few days.

Seal coating began yesterday on the westbound lanes from Waldeck to nine kilometres east of the village and is expected to be completed by the end of Friday.

"A seal coat is a cost-effective treatment that can extend the life of a highway by up to 10 years," said the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways in an email. "Hot liquid asphalt is poured onto the surface before crushed gravel is spread over the asphalt and packed down. It creates a waterproof layer that seals cracks and protects the surface."
The nine-kilometre stretch of roadway is currently operating with a speed limit of 60 km/hr and is down to a single lane of traffic. Flag persons are on-site as well.

"Seal coats require approximately 24 hours to fully cure, which is why speeds are reduced," said the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways. "The speed reductions help the seal coat cure effectively and saves windshields from damage."

Two more large seal coating jobs are slated for the southwest later this season; one west of Gull Lake on the Trans-Canada Highway's eastbound lanes and the other is on Highway 37 in the Shaunavon area. No timeline for these two projects was shared.