Among the stacked lineup for this year’s grandstand entertainment at Frontier Days, is a Canadian country music sensation. 

Tyler Joe Miller is bringing his familiar hit songs for a high energy show and is ecstatic to be opening for legends of his genre on Friday night, Diamond Rio. 

“Man, when I was learning about country music growing up, [this is] one of the bands that my family would have playing all the time,” he said. “It's pretty cool.” 

The artist quickly rose to success in 2019 as the first independent artist to debut with back-to-back Number 1 hits on the Billboard Canada Country chart, with Pillow Talkin' and I Would Be Over Me Too.  

Nominated for several Canadian Country Music Awards for the past three years in a row, he continues to take the music industry by storm with his talents. 

Miller’s most recent release, Broken Man, hit platforms on March 1 of this year and is already creeping up the list of his most played songs. 

“This was a special song for me,” he said. “The song just came to life, and it ended up being put on hold the day after we wrote it, for an American artist to potentially record. I was a huge fan of that, loved it. I was a songwriter before I was an artist. And then they decided not to cut it this round, and so we're like, man, why don't I just do this one?  

“There's a lot of my DNA in this song, too,” he added. “I think I wrote this one because I needed to hear the message of sometimes you got to give yourself a break. I'm glad that I ended up deciding to record this one for myself ... it's reaching a lot of people ... people are kind of going, I'm going through the same thing. I'm the same type of person. I kind of need to hear this message. That's what music is all about, especially country music.” 

His Friday evening show promises to be one of high energy, as Miller compares his tours to a travelling party.