The number of active cases of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan decreased once more, as reported by the Sask Health Authority in their daily update Thursday.

After dropping from 169 on Tuesday to 165 yesterday, the SHA announced that number is now down to 160 after seven new confirmed cases and 12 new recoveries were reported.

The total number of recoveries is now up to 115 – a gain of 79 in the last week after just 36 were reported in the province on April 2.

There have now been 278 confirmed cases overall.

Eight people remain in the hospital - two in ICU and the other six receiving inpatient care.

The number of health care workers to have contracted the virus went from 26 to 27 since yesterday, though the SHA notes the sources of the infections may not be related to the work place in all instances.

Once again, the south region of the province stands at 15 confirmed cases, holding at that mark since it was first reached on Sunday.

Graphic courtesy of the Government of Saskatchewan.

122 of the cases are now related to travel, 96 are from community transmission/mass gatherings, 20 now have no known exposures, and the remaining 40 are still under investigation.

Lastly, the 20-44 age range now has seen 120 of the cases. Another 95 are in the 45-64 age range, the 65-plus range has 48, with the other 15 in the 19-and-under range.

Another 1,051 tests were performed yesterday alone around the province – the largest amount in a single day so far. Overall, 16,672 have been conducted.