Award-winning restaurants, vibrant flora and fauna, and rich Saskatchewan history – Shaunavon showcases it all in their new Visitor's Guide. 

As the province celebrates Tourism Week, the southwest town is highlighting all they have to offer to visitors and travellers. 

Communications Officer for the Town, Anna Morin, said copies have already been distributed across the southwest, into Alberta, and even crossing the border to Montana. 

“We're super excited for this year,” she said. “We have a new look to the events page, and we've added more to the Grand Couteau page with their events as well. We have recreation, we have Town of Shaunavon camping, and Shaunavon accommodations. And we also have nearby attractions; so, people can stay in Shaunavon and then adventure out to explore more of the southwest." 

Local businesses are highlighted in the guide as well, including restaurants and shops, with descriptions and photos. 

Morin helped to bring the colourful guide together by collaborating with a graphic designer, and the Town's Economic Development Officer, Lauren Johnson. 

Folks can grab physical copies at the Grand Coteau Heritage and Cultural Centre, while the digital version can be found on the Town's website.


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