The Chinook School Division’s Board of Education has just held its annual election for the leaders of the council.  

Chairperson Kimberly Pridmore has been re-elected without any opposition, giving her another year to make important changes in Southwest education. Elected to the Board seven years ago in Subdivision Five, Pridmore lives in the Maple Creek/Consul area and has volunteered at the Consul School Community Council. 

Vice-Chairperson Diane Hahn was also re-elected in the annual election on Monday. Hahn had a close call, however, only winning the majority by one vote over fellow board member Ken Duncalfe.  Hahn was elected in 2016 in Subdivision Eight, and resides in Swift Current, having also joined multiple School Community Councils. 

The leading members of the current Board of Education will hold their positions until the next election, set to occur at this time next year. 

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