Folks heading to Cypress Hills will want to be prepared for delays.

Highway 221, the entrance to the Interprovincial Park, is receiving a makeover.

Dan Palmer, media spokesperson for the Sask. Ministry of Highways, advises people about the resurfacing taking place today, set to finish later this week. 

"What's happening there is the Ministry of Highways is investing about $250,000 towards some spot repaving that's part of some routine maintenance near the entrance to Cypress Hills," said Palmer. 

The work began earlier this week and will be wrapped up shortly so long as the weather doesn't disrupt progress. 

There is no other work scheduled for the area, but people can always check the Highway Hotline to make sure travel conditions and roadways are ideal. If anyone spots an issue or delay, they can report it to the Highway Hotline to let other motorists know.