Spring doesn't technically arrive until the middle of next week but weather conditions have already started feeling like it.

Daytime highs in the southwest for at least the next week are projected to be at or close to double digits above the freezing mark.

The warmer temperatures locally are thanks to an upper ridge of high pressure blanketing the region.

Justin Shelley, a meteorologist, with Environment and Climate Change Canada, said temperatures over the next week will be even warmer for communities like Swift Current with a minimal to non-existent snowpack.

"It's primarily going to affect the western portion of the province overall as we head into later next week," he said. "We will likely see a moderation of those temperatures at the middle of this week before we get those temperatures that bounce back up by the end of the week."

Swift Current and the area are also expected to miss out on the bulk of precipitation forecasted for parts of Sask. today. Central and southeast Sask. could receive around five millimetres of rain or snow by the end of the day as a weaker system passes through the province. If the region is hit with any precipitation, coupled with more melting snow, it could create some dicey roadways.

"It could create some locally icy conditions, especially in the early morning hours for the next several days as we continue to melt that remaining snowpack," he said.

No more precipitation is expected for the southwest until later next week, however, Friday could be windy with gusts up to 70 km/hr.