Even in the stormy weather, Eastend had a devoted fellowship walking for Multiple sclerosis. 

In a weekend full of walks, the most courageous of walkers may have been those who braved the weather seen in Eastend on Sunday. Funnel clouds, thunderheads, flashes of lightning and pouring gouts of rain couldn't stop these fine folks. Although, it did force them to stay indoors at the Eastend Rink Complex, much to the gratitude of those who came.

Together, they raised over $8,000 for the MS Society of Canada. 

Running the Eastend MS Walk this year was Donavon Henrion, who himself lives with MS. 

"It's unfortunate that the weather isn't looking like it will cooperate," said Henrion. "We're going to walk inside the rink and not do it outside."

Henrion has been battling MS since it ended his hockey-playing career. In the years since his diagnosis, he has taken it upon himself to be a local voice for MS, helping raise awareness, generating donations, and participating in treatments. 

" I haven't done any experimental drugs," said Henrion. "But I have participated in studies before."

Currently, Henrion is filling the hockey-shaped hole in his heart by coaching kids hockey. His experience has given these kids the chance to shine while learning from someone who really appreciates the sport and what it can do for someone. 

Outside of work and recreation, Henrion says these events that bring out the support in the community really help him stay positive. 

"My friends and everything are a big support system for me," said Henrion. "(The people here at the walk) are creating awareness, and that's great."

If anyone would like to donate to the MS Society of Canada, the option is still open. Henrion encouraged anyone who wants to support him and others with MS to make a pledge in their name.