The road to repairing Highway 4 south of Cadillac is underway. 

Work began yesterday on the major roadway that's been closed since April 11 after extreme flooding collapsed the road.

Mother Nature's act will cost the province $2.5 million and could play a factor in how quickly the construction advances.

"A this point I guess we will see how work progresses," Steve Shaheen, a senior communications consultant for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways, said. "Typically, they would like to get work done before the snow flies."

Weyburn's Torrent Energy Services was selected by the province for the job that will see them fix the road and add new culverts. 

"Sometimes the culverts just can't handle what's going through and they fail and then you need some attention provided to rebuild those structures," he said.

"[They're] putting four culverts in, so the expectation is that will be there for a long time."

There is a detour still in place for motorists travelling on Highway 4 heading north and south.

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