The recent heat didn’t halt anyone from enjoying this year’s Sidewalk Days in the core of Swift Current. 

It was three consecutive days of deals, discounts, and delights running from Thursday through Saturday, with Market Square helping wrap things up with a bit of extra sweetness.  

Vice President of the Swift Current Downtown Business Community (SCDTBC) and owner of Optical Image, Sasha Godneir, said last week’s instalment may have been the best one yet.  

“The downtown was just full of people and the hustle and bustle was amazing,” she said. “I think it just really highlights that the downtown businesses are fantastic, and it shows that the local community is supportive when you see everybody coming out and shopping and taking advantage of the good deals and coming out to see what it's all about.” 

sidewalk days 2023 -2 ally paige

From the early morning hours right up to the evening, members of the SCDTBC and other local shops were meeting their customers on the sidewalk. 

The tradition is one of the most anticipated events of the summer months—and not just by the community who comes out to support.  

Godneir said it’s something that brings the local businesses together, too. 

“Everyone comes together to make it a really great event,” she added. “Everybody individually does a lot of great things with their own business and then collectively it just turns into a gigantic great thing for the people of Swift Current and the area and for the businesses themselves. We are very, very thankful for the support of the Southwest, and really happy that it was such a success.”