This Friday, the Kinettes Club of Swift Current will be partnering with the Swift Current Broncos. 

During Friday's game against Edmonton, the Kinettes will be collecting donations for this year's TeleMiracle. 

Helping organize the donation buckets and the rest of the efforts taking place is Kinettes Vice-President, Tracy Prang. 

"Come on down and get your tickets to come to the game," invited Prang. "We will have a very wonderful surprise guest doing our puck drop, and you don't want to miss that."

Cash donations for TeleMiracle will be collected both in the lobby by volunteers, and in the stands as buckets are being passed around for cash donations. 

This year's TeleMiracle is taking place on February 24 and 25, a little different than previous years scheduling. 

"It's Saskatchewan's own charity," pointed out Prang. "It supports all the people of Saskatchewan."

If you don't carry cash normally, don't worry. Tap will be available for people looking to donate by card, ensuring that charitable Swift Current spirit is able to thrive no matter your preferred form of monetary transaction. 

"We are grateful for every single donation that we get," said Prang. "Every single donation does stay in Saskatchewan, and it helps all types of people in Saskatchewan, whether it be through walkers, wheelchairs, medical equipment, travel for doctor's appointments or other means."