Giving Tuesday spotlights generosity and the power of selflessness.   

But folks can carry out acts of kindness any day—and earlier this month, Swift Current resident Holly Kiel, was one such example. 

One November night during an early hit of winter weather, the owner and operator of Pizza Stop was starting her car to let it warm before the drive home and noticed some garbage strewn about and a young man close by.

“At first I was kind of angry and then I realized the situation,” Kiel explained. “So, I just mentioned to him that if he could tidy up then he could come in and warm up, I'd give him some food. He agreed, and he cleaned up the mess. Then he came in and I realized he was a little worse off than what I had thought.” 

As the young stranger wasn’t wearing proper clothing for the wintry weather, Kiel and her employees wrapped up his hands to warm them and delivery driver for the restaurant, Dan, spared his jacket for the 26-year-old in need. 

The crew of workers cooked a fresh pizza and talked with him, offering to connect him with resources for youth in need in the community.

“I'm not trying to sound high on myself, but I am that kind of person,” Kiel said. “I always try to help those in need if I can. Or if there is some way that I can better a situation, I'll try.” 

The business owner stated that she felt compelled to help him that night and added that on the exact day a year prior, someone she cherished dearly had passed away.

“She's not my actual mom, but my work mom passed away that day,” she said. “It sounds kind of crazy, but I feel like part of it was her reaching out saying, ‘help this person,’ because it was the same day that she had passed away a year prior. So, part of it is, I feel like it was a sign from her, too.”

Kiel said she has received updates on his wellbeing and shared that he was impacted positively by their chance encounter.

One small act of kindness can have a monumental effect.