Agriculture Minister David Marit was at Moose Jaw’s Agriculture Knowledge Centre on Tuesday morning, marking 15 years of offices providing regional services for Saskatchewan producers.  

The offices providing regional services were opened in 2009, with ten locations currently operating around the province. “The previous government closed all the regional offices, and we felt it was very important to have that connection to the ag industry here in the province of Saskatchewan,” said Marit. 

He thanked the gathered individuals for their dedication in providing information on programs and funding. 

“I have heard from folks in my part of the world - farmers, ranchers – right across the southwest in my constituency, that have used the resources of these offices, and I have never ever heard anybody complain about the service they get.” 

He spoke about funding between programs being moved as needed. “If one program is being utilized more than another, then it gives us opportunity to expand and enhance programs.” 

The province’s regional offices saw 12,000 inquiries during the last year. “If you take 200 days in a year, that’s 60 people in a day – that's at least 4 or 5 walking into every office every day,” explained Marit.  

Farmers and ranchers can reach out to their regional office for more information on what they can provide. Contact information can be found here.