Multiculturism Week is a chance to appreciate everyone's various backgrounds in Canada. 

Here in Swift Current, it's set to begin tomorrow and run through to the 24th. During that time, folks are being encouraged to learn, experience, and embrace the cultures that makeup Swift Current. 

Presenting the matter to Swift Current city council on Monday was Bula Ghosh, a member of the Multiculturism Council of Saskatchewan. 

"The original policy of multiculturism focused on cultural preservation, primarily reflecting the interests of European-born immigrants," stated Gosh. "However, as the centre of immigration gradually shifted away from Europe with increasing numbers of immigrants from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, new concerns and priorities emerged."

The focus of this year's Multiculturism Week will be to celebrate the Diversity Act for Equity. Canada is the only country in the world that has a multiculturism act, passed in 1980. It was adapted in 1988 to reflect the shift from Europe to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East in immigration bodies. 

"The measures emphasized the right of all individuals to preserve and share their cultural heritage while retaining their right to fill and equitable participation in Canadian society," said Gosh. 

This year, Ghosh and other members of the Multiculturism Council of Saskatchewan are encouraging others to share their experiences with multiculturism on social media. 


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