Just in time for National Accessibility Week running May 26 through June 1, a network of local disability advocates has united to form the online Southwest Sask. Disability Advocacy Collective (SSDAC).

Currently active as a Facebook group, SSDAC strives to be an informational hub for individuals experiencing disabilities, and anyone in their support network. 

Direct support worker and community advocate Andrea Adams wants to provide a safe space for people in the southwest to learn about opportunities for programs, funding and resources withing the community. 

"It also serves to collaborate together and advocate and bring education, striving to break down some of the barriers that people with disabilities in our community are facing," she said. "And really come together as a network and a collective to try to work on some of those things and also celebrate the great things that are going on."

The group is committed to advocating for people experiencing a disability (intellectual, cognitive or mobility), neurodivergence, complex medical needs and more. 

While still in the early stages, SSDAC is working to partner with other local organizations such as SaskAbilities to help spread the word about what is available right here in the southwest. 

"We decided that launching this online hub was a great start," said Adams. "We hope that in doing so, it can create a network of people in the southwest that can start gathering in person at events and hosting parent gatherings and caregiver gatherings and maybe even conferences and sessions to really share resources and get the information out there."

Individuals, family members, caregivers and organizations are encouraged to join the Southwest Sask. Disability Advocacy Collective Facebook group. Anyone who is interested in getting involved but isn't connected to social media, can email ssdac.24@gmail.com to be added to their contact database.