The southwest will be echoing with the silky sounds of chamber-folk this week as a series of concerts pop up.  

Prairie born singer-songwriter Raine Hamilton is kicking off the Home Routes House Concert Tour tonight in Frontier. 

This is Hamilton's first tour, and they'll be showcasing tunes from their 11-track concept album, a harmonious blend of folk and classical with a sharp edge. 

“This is a really special and unique series of shows we're doing, with my sister,” they said. “She (Peggy Hamilton) plays the Celtic harp, and we are doing special arrangements with that harp. It's really neat.” 

With a clear focus on storytelling through carefully crafted lyrics, Brave Land reflects the courage, strength, and wisdom of the mountains.  

Pulling inspiration from the natural world around them is a common theme for Hamilton; their earlier work is heavily influenced by the rolling hills and open skies of the prairies with stories of vulnerability and trust of the self. 

This concert series is a unique way to connect rural towns and communities to music by making venues out of homes and the likes. Hamilton’s moving vocals are sure to touch every member of the intimate audiences. 

“I really sit with the lyrics a lot, I value them a lot and I'm very intentional with them,” they said. “And the music part fits equally. I look at songwriting like a team effort between the music and the arrangement and the words. They all work together to communicate something.” 

Born to parents who met in a rock band during the 70s, the classical violinist brings a lifetime of love and passion for music, noting similarities to Joni Mitchell, a string quartet, and Sarah Harmer. From guitar, to violin, to fiddle, to Celtic harp, the setlist will have it all – including some toe-tapping jigs.

Tickets can be found here. Exact addresses will be revealed only to individuals who have purchased tickets.