An increase in need is being recorded by the Swift Current Salvation Army Food Bank, meaning they will have to stretch their supply further. 

Hamper sizes may have to shrink per family, as the amount the food bank can give must be smaller, with decreased support and increased demand.  

Lieutenant Renee Mailman from the Salvation Army in Swift Current says that the increase in need is measurable. 

“When I spoke with our food bank manager, she said it is between three and five new families a week that we are getting. A ‘family’ could represent anywhere between one and 11 people... Or it could be your average family of, four or five people.” 

“We're really wanting to focus on what we're calling staples, so things everybody uses, and can make use of to make a meal,” stated Mailman. “So rice, flour, sugar, tomato sauce, pasta, peanut butter, canned fruit juice, soda crackers and canned meat and fish.” 

Mailman also mentioned that microwaveable meals are a great way to provide nutrition to those in need. Beyond food, she hopes for donations of personal hygiene products, such as body wash and soap. 

“When we see an increase in the need and we have a decrease in our resources, one of the ways that we help to ensure that we have food for as many people as possible is to decrease the size of what people are getting. So instead of a 50-pound hamper for a family, we might be looking at a 45-pound hamper." 

The Salvation Army Food Bank is taking drop-offs at 780 First Ave NW from 10:00 AM to noon, then 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Thursday. 

“It's not something we always like to do or enjoy doing, but something that we want to again make sure that we can meet the most need the best way that we can.”