The spring conditions the southwest has been soaking up will vanish overnight as a two-day snowstorm is set to commence.

Rainfall is expected to kickstart the precipitation this evening before the temperatures fall off making way for the snow to begin.

Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Stephen Berg is projecting the region could receive up to six inches of snowfall by the end of the day Thursday.

"It might be a bit higher in places like Cypress Hills with some upslope flow," he said. "Five to 15 centimetres is a pretty decent bet for the area of southwestern Sask."

The warm conditions for the last week plus, capped off by a monthly high of 23.9 C in Swift Current yesterday, were created by a ridge of high pressure. The system is now being pushed out but another one will return come Sunday from the northeast part of the Pacific Ocean.

"This trough system (heading towards the southwest) made its way through western Canada, the Rockies and Alta.," he said. "Calgary is currently getting quite a bit of snowfall. The trough system is bringing quite a bit of a colder inflow."

With the system producing rain before freezing up and then a sizable amount of snow afterwards coupled with wind gusts up to 70 km/hr, it could create some treacherous roadways.

"Make sure that drivers are driving to the conditions, don't drive too quickly," he said. "You might also have to deal with icy roads."