The silver screen meets silver spurs in Maple Creek this weekend. 

The Town of Maple Creek will be the backdrop in a new Christmas romance film being shot over the weekend by Trilight Entertainment. 

Shayne Putzlocher, the film's owner and producer, hopes to see folks come out on Sunday to stand in as extras during a Christmas night market scene. 

"We're trying to get as many extras as possible that want to come out," said Putzlocher. "I'm sure if there are some people from Swift Current that want to come out, we won't turn anyone away."

The film follows a sweet, if familiar, plot structure. A woman from New York City comes around for the holidays, spending her time on the ranch. She ends up falling in love with the ranch owner, deciding that ultimately for her, this is the life she prefers. 

The ranch in question, the historic Reesor Ranch,  took some time to decide on for Putzlocher and his team.

"I researched all over Saskatchewan, and I found a few of them," shared Putzlocher. "I think I called up the Reesor Ranch, and they were just the one that had the best location for us and just the best people to talk to."

The film is set at Christmas and requires snow in the setting, so even the elevation of the ranch and Maple Creek played into the decision to film there. 

Maple Creek has been hard at work putting the Christmas decorations back up for the filming. While Christmas in March may not be exactly normal for the locals, this will undoubtedly become a holiday memory for many who get involved. 

"We're here for a couple of days shooting in Maple Creek, and then we go up to the ranch," said Putzlocher. "That's why Maple Creek was picked, because we started with the ranch, but we're really happy to be in Maple Creek."