Saskatchewan Members of Parliament convene for the Throne Speech yesterday. 

Within its lengthy proceedings, a great number of topics and policies were divulged. Some touched on healthcare, new homeowner support, and even the right to wear a poppy in the workplace. 

In attendance representing Swift Current was MLA Everett Hindley, who is the Minister of Health for the Province of Saskatchewan. His work within the medical sector was on display, as new work was unveiled in that sector. 

"What the throne speech is about is, basically, outlining the government's vision for the next 12 months for the fall session," said Hindley. "It will indicate the number of legislative bills that will be introduced in the fall, plus also identify some of the priorities for the government over the next period of months."

Some of the key items Hindley drew attention to included the continued commitment to building various hospital and health facility projects, some of which will land in Swift Current. 

Another element the Minister of Health gravitated towards was the planned expansion of the Nursing Loan Forgiveness Program to Swift Current. 

"This is something that we want to make sure that we're expanding and making this program available," said Hindley. "I think [the program] will be yet another incentive to help get some more nurses working in Swift Current and southwest Saskatchewan." 

Still on the topic of healthcare, there was The Workers’ Compensation Amendment Act. Hindley was excited by this proposed bill coming into effect, as it will offer firefighters coverage for six additional kinds of cancer. Those six are pancreatic, thyroid, penile, soft tissue sarcoma, mesothelioma, and laryngeal cancer. 

"Saskatchewan currently provides presumptive coverage to firefighters for 16 different types of cancer," said Hindley. "This legislation will add six more types of cancer... giving Saskatchewan the broadest presumptive cancer coverage for firefighters in any province in Canada."

Finally, one of the final items Hindley had time to talk about after yesterday's speech was the new tobacco and vape age requirements. Previously, the age to buy these products was set at 18. Going forward, it will be 19 for Saskatchewan. 

"The reason for it is that the rates of tobacco and vape product use by youth have it's increased in recent years," cited Hindley. 

Many more topics and items were included in the full Throne Speech. Follow Swift Current Online for additional insights on these and other items.


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