The weather may have been less than ideal, but the die-hards still made it out for Taillight Tuesday last night.

Given that the downpour was refusing to give way for the car show, the Rogue Cruisers elected to change the theme of the evening. 

Dustin Vipond, a co-founding member of the car club, took it upon himself to lead by example. With a quick post on Facebook, he encouraged everyone to join him for a 'Bring your own Boat' show. 

Dustin Vipond's 1995 Caprice Wagon and 1958 Sea Sled, both of which he describes as being boats. Dustin Vipond's 1995 Caprice Wagon and 1958 Sea Sled, both of which he describes as being boats. 

"I thought we just might need it if this rain continues," ribbed Vipond. "But I think we're going to be safe to get out of the parking lot." 

Once docked in the parking lot, Vipond made his way inside the Living Sky Casino to the restaurant where other Rogue Cruisers were already enjoying their evening meal together.

In and amongst that gallery of gasoline enthusiasts was Cory Schultz, another co-founding member of the Rogue Cruisers.

"Coconut cream pie was excellent," noted Cory. "We met up with some good friends. The guys from Ride for Dad were in tonight, and we visited with them." 

While Cory didn't have a watercraft of his own with him, his son Rayce Schultz was quick to poke fun at the transport they did arrive in. 

"We came here in the Ford Flex," said Rayce. "It represents a boat pretty well, so I think we matched Dustin on that front."

By the end of dessert and talk, there were a few vehicles that made it out in the rain. These 'beaters' and regular daily drivers were a welcome sight, as the season is only beginning. 

This weekend will be the Rogue Cruisers Mothers Day Cruise, which Vipond promises will be much better conditioned for car enthusiasts to venture forth from their garages on May 12.

"Next week we are 100 per cent money back guaranteed sunshine for Tuesday," boasted Vipond. "I will also guarantee sunshine on Sunday for the Mother's Day cruise." 

He also encouraged anyone who missed yesterday's show for the rain to head down to Shaunavon later today or the first Wheel N' Wednesday of the year.