The Center in Swift Current has expanded its operation to right next door. 

The new Support Services Building is located right next to the original Center facilities, keeping everything centralized. 

These new offices officially opened last night, with guests and partners being invited to check out the space and enjoy some conversation and refreshments.

Speaking to the crowd was Nathan Wiebe, executive director for The Center. He was able to express to everyone how grateful he is for the expansion, and for everyone who contributed to it throughout the process. 

"This building is a real representation of our community," said Wiebe. "We want it to feel welcoming like how I feel like Swift Current is a really welcoming city for people. We want people that are in need, when they walk in here, to feel comfortable."

That is a goal he thinks was accomplished through the various contractors and donors who helped them reach this finish line. 

The newly renovated counselling centre will have three counsellors on staff, and be able to help take the burden off the original Center space next door in that regard. 

Over the last year, they have seen between 130 and 150 counselling sessions a month. In these new offices, more privacy will be given to those seeking that service, as well as ensuring they are still close enough to work alongside the other Center staff.

"We're hoping to see how this goes for the next little while and kind of analyze it as we go," said Wiebe. 

The whole project wouldn't have been possible without the donated labour, the donated capital, and the funding received from government programs. Wiebe expressed especially significant thanks to the Robertson Family Foundation for a $100,000 donation. 

A little over budget, the final cost came in at just under $300,000. Wiebe isn't too focused on that, seeing as they did have such tremendous support, and that it is an investment in future. 

"The amount of contractors that came in and contributed, gave us free labour or a deal on something really helped us within that as well," said Wiebe. "Big kudos to all the contractors, volunteers and people that helped us out."

Folks interested in learning more about the services being offered can reach out to The Center, via phone, in person, or online. 


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