This year, roses might not be the go-to for Valentine's Day in Swift Current. 

Poppy Parsons, owner-operator of Smart Flowers, has been hard at work in her store, preparing various orders for the big day. Orders started arriving over the weekend, calls for bouquets, ensembles, and colourful combinations of one of the most enduring forms of romantic expression. 

While she is still getting people asking for roses, it turns out the trend of red pedals and thorny stems may be swaying in the winds of change. 

"Honestly, I'd say the most popular has been what we call the florist choice or the designer choice," said Parsons. "We're doing kind of equal amounts of arrangements and hand-tied, cut flower bouquets."

Traditionally, the rose has been the prickly pick for any lover or admirer. But in these ever-changing times in which we live in, the rose may have to give in to the mass's demands for variety and uniqueness. 

A hand-tied bouquet is an assembly of loose-cut flowers. Created and designed per order by the fine folks working at Smart Flowers. These can be put in a vase, and easily displayed. 

Alternatively, they can also design a bouquet with a specific vase or vessel in mind, to enhance the look of the finished product. 

"They've been almost equally as popular," said Parsons. 

Now, if you have already ordered roses, Parsons says you aren't to be worried. They are still the classic symbol of love and desire they have always been. It's just that modern tastes have knocked them out of the leading role they have occupied for so long. 

"You still get a fair amount of people ask for them," said Parsons. "But honestly, this year I've had more people ask for other things, so we'll see how the red rose crowd goes as the week carries on here."

If you would like to order from Smart Flowers, Parsons recommends you call it in before the end of the day today. They still have a robust selection to choose from if you are hoping to surprise your partner with a colourful bouquet that speaks to them in a unique way. There are also still roses to be cut for those seeking to prove that they are still the most romantic botanical.