broncos blades

(Photo: Darwin Knelsen)

The season is over and the Swift Current Broncos pack up their gear without any playoff action for the second consecutive time.

Assistant Coach Darren Evjen said they're proud of many things they saw this season, but it's a long year when you don't make the playoffs.

“No one hurts more than the coaching staff than the players but in this league to get better you have to build through the draft you've got to show some patience at times and we've showed that this year and our fans did. Our team was really consistent and that's a great thing in what we did with our identity in how we played.”

Evjen adds that they've really developed an identity this season of a hard, physical and aggressive team... but there is still a lot of work to do.

“We've got a culture now an identity and that's what we really needed to instill in these guys. We've gone to be a team very hard, very physical, and very agressive, as these guys mature and this culture stays with us with what we have coming back the guys coming in know what they have to buy into.”

The Broncos wrapped up the regular season with a 7-3 win in Saskatoon on Saturday.

They finishd 10th in the Eastern Conference with 62 points, 8 more than last season.

Assistant Coach Darren Evjen March 17 in Saskatoon