Excitement, entertainment, and explosive energy are what come to mind following the performance put on by Canadian Wrestlings Elite. 

The Colonel Clifton Centre in Swift Current was filled with cheers and stomps as the highflying death-defying stunts rained down from the top rope. The CWE Super Stars brought a bombastic beat down that had people vibrating with excitement on the edge of their seats.

Organizing the mayhem and setting everyone up in their matches was Danny Warren, general manager of CWE. He himself is a pro wrestler, who took to the ring to the cheers of Swift Current wrestling fans. 

Given that this was the CWE's first time wrestling in Swift Current, Warren was eager to test the waters and see if this could be a regular location for him and his band of brawny battle cadres. 

"If we get a good enough crowd tonight and they're loud and like pro wrestling, we'll hopefully be coming back for some more," said Warren.

Given the amount of cheers, chants, and "Woo!'s" that rang out, it's a pretty indicator that the general public does have a hunger for more ring-flinging action. 

The fights themselves were spectacular, drawing the crowd into a frenzy, and the heels getting people to boo and call for their counterparts to rise to the challenges being issued. Each performer felt unique and practiced, with a genuine flare for the personality required by wrestling. 

After the first five matches saw a few tag teams and combo matches, the event wrapped up with an all-out clash in the squared circle. 

"We've got a big eight-man tag elimination match to send the people home," said Warren. 

By the end of the evening, people were electric with energy. The applause for the performances carried into conversations about everyone's favourite parts of the night and continued even as they departed from the building. 

While the CWE has finished its 17 matches through Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba on its Point to Prove Tour, wrestling fans can still get excited. These danger-daring athletes will be back in action this summer, for the CWEs 'The Cruel Summer Tour' in July.