It's a total tot takeover at the ABC Centre in Abbey. 

The former school building has recently opened its doors with a brand new daycare facility. 

​​An interior view of the daycare facility. ​​An interior view of the daycare facility. 

Opening at the end of December 2023, the new year has seen the facility being overrun with happy little faces, playing together, enjoying the toys, crafts, and other fun activities being provided Monday through Friday. 

Excited to see this addition being made to her community is Jenn Biensch, the economic development officer for the Town of Abbey. 

"I know parents were really struggling to get childcare, which is a huge problem," said Biensch. "We worked on this application for a couple of years, and we were finally approved."

The daycare is currently employing five individuals to look after the kids, with the potential to hire more people in the future. 

As for curious families, there are currently 40 childcare slots at the daycare. While a few have been filled, there is plenty of room for more kids. 

"It's just it's a great addition to our town and I'm excited about it," said Biensch. 

Lunch is included of course in the daycare, with the government offering to cover $10 a day per child. 

Biensch is especially happy that having this service available makes Abbey a much more viable option for working families. Now, instead of a parent having to remain home, they can drop the kids off at daycare. This frees up each of the parents to work and gain an additional income, helping to support the home. 

"It's a great job provider, and it's beneficial for people that are in the workforce," commented Biensch. 

Anyone interested can give the Town of Abbey a call, and ask for more Daycare information such as signup and availability.