The Morse Museum was flying sky high with its new exhibits grand opening yesterday. 

Focused on the Royal Canadian Air Force and how this year will mark a century since its founding, 'Via Ad Astra: a Century of Service' is a display that shows off local history within the RCAF. 

Featuring artifacts from all stages of the RCAF's first century, attendees were able to discuss the stories of local service members who served, while learning about the collection.

John Griffin, the curator for the Morse Museum, was thrilled to see interest from day one being invested in the exhibit. 

"It went really well," celebrated Griffin. "We had a fairly good turnover most of the day here. People were coming and going."

At its peak, over a dozen people flighted around the museum, drinking in the history on display. They were able to listen in as Griffin, a studied expert on all things military and history in southwest Saskatchewan, spoke of the founding, early years, the growth during World War II, and how subsequent decades led to where the RCAF stands today. 

Not only did these aviation appreciators get to bask in Griffin's knowledge, but they also had a special guest present in Cynthia "Cindy" Griffin, a former member of the Royal Canadian Air Force who served for a decade. 

"Corporal Cynthia Griffin, who just so happens to be my mother," said Griffin. "We are very, very grateful to have her come and do a little meet and greet with people and share some of her experiences while serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force."

If anyone is curious about the display and would like to experience it themselves, they are welcome to do so. Being that it is a temporary exhibit, it's best to go before it flies off for the season. The Morse Museum is open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Visitors are encouraged to ask about the display, and can even sponsor their favourite parts of it under the 'Adopt-an-Artifact' program.