Today is Canadian National Film Day, which is being celebrated the Canadian way in Gull Lake. 

The SWT Lyceum Theatre is hosting five free movies today, all of which are made in Canada, by Canadians, and starring Canadians. Starting at 1:15 p.m., the last film won't finish until after 10:30 p.m.

Cole Girodat, general manager of the SWT Lyceum Theatre, is encouraging people to come out and experience this marathon of canuck film culture. 

"We picked these movies because we felt that these fit our demographic the most," said Girodat. "We have a children's movie centred around a fun snow day. We have a comedy, we have a hockey movie and we have Corner Gas, which takes place in Saskatchewan, of course, and Ginger Snaps is just one of my favourites."

The full list of films being aired, in order of appearance, is Snowtime!, Hey, Viktor!, Breakway, Corner Gas, and Ginger Snaps. All of these films have Canadian identity and promote film at home in Canada. 

This will be the 17th rendition of Canadian National Film Day, and theatres all over the country like the SWT Lyceum Theatre will be airing other films with Canadian roots. 

For Girodat, the ability to encourage film at home is a strong reason why he and his team enjoy hosting these events. 

"We really do hope that Canadians watching Canadian films does inspire us," said Girodat. "It shows people that you don't have to be in Hollywood or in these big places to make movies. We can make movies right here at home."

All the movies being shown are free admission, thanks to REEL CANADA. They are sponsoring the local and national venues in honour of National Canadian Film Day, and like Girodat, hope to encourage film makes here at home. 

Breaks between movies will be available, and snacks can be purchased at the SWT Lyceum Theatre.