Following the devastating fire in the northwest part of the city last week, the City RCMP sent out a release for Swift Current residents.

The written statement asked residents to give first responders appropriate space when they're attending to emergencies, such as the fire. 

"On Thursday October 20, 2022, Swift Current RCMP responded with Swift Current Fire Protection Services and Hutch Ambulance Services to a house fire on Hamilton Drive in Swift Current," The release read. "In an event such as this, a quick and full response from First Responders is needed to protect other residents and properties. A total of 10 emergency services vehicles with 24 personnel from the three branches of first responders makes for a busy street and the focus has to be on the immediate threat. When area residents are adding to the congestion watching, along with people coming from outside the area to see what is going on, it puts everyone at risk."

Staff Sergeant Evan Gordon, commander for the city detachment, said that on Thursday there were a number of vehicles driving through and around the area to see what was happening. 

Some residents went so far as to ignore the roadblocks that were in place for everyone's safety, trying to get closer to the commotion. 

"What we want to impress upon people is that when emergency services personnel are working in an area, actively engaged in this case, trying to protect lives and property, we just ask that people give us room to work," Gordon commented. "Emergency vehicles have to have to get in and get out in a timely manner. They have to reposition and if we're dealing with increased amounts of traffic just because people are curious about what's going on, that really does make our jobs a lot more difficult, and it put could put people's safety in danger."

He advised that people stay home in these instances, giving space in the immediate and surrounding neighbourhoods, and to check in with local medias for updates. 

"We as first responders obviously have have a duty to deal with the situation and that's our primary focus," Gordon said. "But we understand that information sharing is key and so we do our best to keep the media and keep the public advised to things that are going on when there is a public interest. If you're just simply curious because you believe that something interesting, or in this case truly awful is happening, give some consideration to how you would feel if you were the person that was directly involved in that. Would it make your situation better or worse if you saw a parade of vehicles driving past to to view this? The information will get released in a timely manner. Wait for that, if you need to know what's going on."