Premier Scott Moe noted last week that the provincial election this fall will go ahead on its scheduled date, though it may look a little different.

The Government of Saskatchewan gave the go-ahead for changes to The Election Act Regulations. The government note that the move gives the province's Chief Electoral Officer the authority to "take any necessary action to ensure the October 26 provincial election is conducted safely" due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"These regulation changes clearly define a public health emergency as an emergency under the elections act, and it gives the Chief Electoral Officer the power to adapt any provisions to the act to address health and safety concerns," said Premier Moe. "Everyone needs to feel safe about having the opportunity to go vote this fall."

Moe said physical distancing practices will be in order for both voters and Elections Saskatchewan workers, no different than how all opened businesses and public spaces continue to be operated.

"I have every confidence that Elections Saskatchewan will take the right steps to ensure a safe election for everyone."

The Government of Saskatchewan also announced they've delayed the resort village elections back just over a month. They now run August 29 instead of the previously-set date of July 25.