A southwest leader has recently stepped into a new position with the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA).  

Shaunavon Mayor Kyle Bennett is now the Interim Southwest Regional Director for SUMA. 

“I've been the regional alternate for the last three or four years, which is just kind of a backup position,” he said. "You're not very involved; you don't get the emails or the meeting invites.” 

SUMA accepted the resignation of its Vice President of Towns and held an internal vote to fill the position temporarily, until the next official election. 

Michelle McKenzie, Mayor of Maple Creek, won the voting election by the board and is officially Interim VP of Towns, opening her previous position up to Bennett.  

“It's good for our whole region,” he said. "We've got two voices on the board now; Michelle's moving up and that allows me to get involved as well.” 

Once a permanent VP of Towns is elected at the next SUMA convention in April of next year, McKenzie will shift back to Southwest Regional Director, returning Bennett to the regional alternate.  

However, he explained that if McKenzie were to run for the position of Permanent VP of Towns herself, he could find himself in this new position for the long run. 

“I just want to congratulate Michelle on being the [Vice President of Towns]," he said. "I'm getting emails already and signing forms and all kinds of stuff. It's going to be a learning curve and it'll be busy here for the first bit, but I'm excited and looking forward to helping out.”